Monday, June 6, 2011

Microsoft Press Conference

This post will be updated about the Microsoft Press Conference.

The Conference starts out with gameplay footage from MW3. This game looks epic!

They are now revealing some gameplay footage from Tomb Raider. The voice acting sounds very pornographic. Honestly, the game seems very generic so far.

Madden, FIFA, and Tiger Woods PGA will all support Kinect.

Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect. The demonstration is very impressive. The voice recognition is very amazing.

Trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. All I can say is, nice wallhacks. The weapon customization menu is absolutely spectacular! They are really raising the bar with that.

Youtube is coming to Xbox Live! It's about time! Bing support is also coming. Searching made easy on Xbox is also nice. You will now be able to watch Live TV on Xbox. All of this coming in the Fall.

Gears of War 3 trailer! Just got chills on the arms. The music is the perfect choice.

Ice-T has just come on stage to help Cliffy B. play through part of the GoW3 campaign.

Crytek logo appeared and a trailer is playing for a game. It seems it's for a game called Ryse. Seems like it's a Kinect Supported Roman Fighting Game.

Halo 1 is officially being redone! Coming November 15th, 2011.

Forza Motorsport 4 is visually stunning.

Trailer for Fable: The Journey. Yet another game with Kinect Support.

Minecraft is coming to Xbox Live this winter.

Disneyland Adventures has the entire Disneyland park where you can explore the park with your family.

Trailer for Star Wars Kinect, and now some gameplay footage. Not sure why when he swings the light saber he teleports to the enemies.

Okay, I'm admitting it. Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster is adorable.

Kinect Fun Labs will now make it so you can use Kinect tools that were once PC exclusive mods now on Xbox Live.

Kinect can now clone you into an avatar.

Kinect is going to support finger tracking.

Dance Central 2 premier with multiplayer support.

Halo 4! Coming Holiday 2012! It will be the first in a brand new trilogy.

The Microsoft Press Conference is over. Definitely amazing! Can't wait for most of these games to come out!


  1. I see it was a cool conference, too bad i'm never around when there's one..

  2. So Kinect, Kinect, Kinect, GOW, Kinect, Minecraft, Kinect Halo 4.(jk I am actually really excited!)

  3. Personally, I was extremely unimpressed by Microsoft, nothing new. Almost as bad as their last one.


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