Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Going To Offer Subscription Plan

Earlier yesterday, Activision announced that there will be a subscription plan for Modern Warfare 3, known currently as Call of Duty Elite Subscription.

The subscription will allow you to track your stats more precisely and also give you access to map packs. The subscription plan will also come with the ability to socialize with other CoD players from across different games. There will also be competitions that you can enter to win virtual and real prizes.

The price for Elite is yet to be announced, but I can't expect it to be $15/month like most are fearing. As a CoD player myself, I know I will subscribe to Elite, but only if it's about $5/month. Anything more than that, I will not pay for it. I feel bad for XBOX 360 owners as this will hurt them the most. Paying for XBOX Live and Elite is quite unfair.

I want to know though, what are your guys opinion on paying a monthly subscription for a CoD game?

Smooth Jazz will be deployed...

Just wanted to share this video with you guys. Definitely made me laugh.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Husky has to be one of my most favorite commentators for Starcraft ever. His ability to be serious and be absolutely hilarious at the same time is just brilliant. If you guys have a passion for Starcraft 2 commentaries, then check him out!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Minecraft 1.6.6

Notch tweeted a little bit ago that we will be receiving a Minecraft 1.6.6 update later this week that will hopefully fix a few of the bugs that have been plaguing me and many others for the past few days.

Notch explains the Frame Limiter

Notch recently posted on his blog explaining what the new Frame Limiter does.

"The game now times every frame being rendered, and allocates 1000000000/ nanoseconds per frame. If it detects it having spent less than this on any frame, it will spend the remaining time rebuilding chunks.

On the lowest setting (40), it will also sleep for a certain period of time each frame. This setting is intended for people with laptops or graphics cards prone to overheat.

If the game doesn’t have any pending chunk rebuilds, it will run uncapped.

This means that the framerate can be higher than the cap (except for in the 40 setting), but that it usually will be slightly lower than the cap because it’s very difficult to tell ahead of time how long a chunk rebuild will take. I chose “90” as the default because it should usually end up with an framerate of just above 60 fps (good for people who play the game vsynched) and will let the game spend as much time as possible rebuilding chunks.

There is a bug currently with the limiter where it will often rebuild a minimum of two chunks per frame, which is twice as many as before.

I wouldn’t at all mind adding a setting that works the way it did in the past, but I’m worried people might think “uncapped” is automatically better. Some might prefer having daytime brightness changes happening faster, but not realize that they should run the game at a capped framerate."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Minecraft 1.6.5 Released

With a new build, some of the major bugs are fixed. However, there are some new bugs that can be quite annoying such as sometimes you cannot pick up items dropped onto cobblestone and tools and wepaons picked up off the ground will break after one use.

I hope Bukkit can update to 1.6.5 soon so that the server can fix some of the other server side issues.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Teaser Trailer Leaked

Yet again Blizzard, you have delivered and I am pleased. Blizzard has to make some of the best trailers. Visually they are beautiful, and the intensity makes me want to play the Zerg campaign right now. I can't wait!

Black Ops Updates, Mod Tools coming soon!

Call of Duty: Black Ops has just updated on Steam. With this come many bug fixes, many that have plagued me in the past, plus adds support for mods. Glad to see Treyarch is still patching their game nearly 7 months after initial release.

You can find the patch notes here.


So, since the 1.6.4 update in Minecraft, I've been unable to play multiplayer. My town is going unchecked!

Every time I get on a server, I have no blocks rendering. The only solution so far is to keep closing and reopening your game and then it might just work. I've closed and opened the game about 10 times now, and still no luck. Hopefully Notch patches the game soon.

It seems Notch didn't even realize the bugs were this bad. Hopefully a patch coming tomorrow to fix the chunk loading problems, items breaking after one use, and no lighting updates.

The Adventure Begins...

Another video game blog. How original, right? However, it is one of the only things I have a real passion for. Starting with a SNES and now a PC gamer, I've seen many, played many, and loved many games throughout time.

I remember the days of playing Mario Kart on the N64 with friends. The countless hours lost to Guitar Hero trying to perfect that one song. Some of my favorites of all time have come and gone, but I'm sure more will come.

I'm mostly an FPS gamer now. The fast paced action with the need to react in a millisecond is so adrenaline pumping. Of course though, I play other genres.  Recently, I've been playing a lot of League of Legends. I was never a fan of DoTA, but I never really gave it a chance either. The first time I played DoTA was on Warcraft III. It was horribly confusing back then, but then again, it was in Korean.

I'm going to try and post something new everyday about an update, a new game being announced, or just something I feel like sharing with you guys. Just so you know, I'm a giant Doctor Who fan, so don't be surprised if that gets mentioned quite a bit. Thanks for stopping by.
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